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Who Needs Utilities? A Guide To Dry Camping

by دینا كامياران

The most convenient place to park your trailer is a location that will provide you access to amenities. However, there are also advantages to dry camping, also often referred to as boon-docking or independent parking. Ideally, you should make use of amenities when they are available, but be prepared to dry camp when necessary.

Why You Might Prefer Dry Camping

On some days, dry camping can be absolutely free. In addition to being more affordable, dry camping is sometimes all that you have available if you intend to visit a less populated area. Also, some of the least-visited and most pristine areas are not official camping sites.

Care For Your Trailer

Make sure to take good care of your trailer so that it is in the best condition possible. This means paying attention to unusual sounds and checking weights and tire pressure. If your trailer breaks down in an isolated location, you will have to wait longer for help to arrive. Contact a company like Camping World of Ocala for more information about trailers.

Bring A Lot Of Water

Take as much water with you as possible. Take more water than you anticipate needing because you may otherwise run out of water if your trailer breaks down. Also, it can sometimes be difficult to predict the various ways in which you will need water. Look for ways to conserve water. For example, rely more on sponge baths and take showers less frequently.

Have A Plan To Meet Your Energy Needs

Since you will need to supply your own power, you will need to either plan for a generator or look for ways to reduce your energy consumption. For instance, you will not be able to run an air conditioner without a generator. Some trailers come with a built-in generator. You should consider increasing the number of batteries you will use because doing so will reduce the amount of time you will have to spend running your generator. If your trailer does not have a built-in generator, you should consider purchasing a solar power generator.

Bring The Right Kind Of Food

Bring food with you that lasts longer, since you may not be able to easily get to the store. Do not purchase food that requires a microwave. Also, as it gets colder at night, it can be pleasant to use the oven, which will warm up the trailer.

Find The Best Dry Camping Sites

The best way to find the perfect places to boondock is to get to know other campers. The most pristine locations are often ruined by those who do not respect the parks. Therefore, the best locations for dry camping are usually kept secret by seasoned campers.