Talking About Camping

Some Camping Tools And Supplies To Buy For Your Trip

by دینا كامياران

If you've decided to try camping for your next family vacation, you may be overwhelmed with what to take with you. If you've never been camping before, you may want to begin at an equipped campground where you'll be close to your car and supplies. As you gain experience, you'll learn what is useful to have and what gets in the way. Before long, you'll be ready to pack up and head into the wilderness. Here are some of the essential camping tools and gear you want to take with you.

Flashlights And Lanterns

A campfire will provide some light at night, but you'll still need artificial lights too. You want a flashlight in case of an emergency. You may also want to take a headlamp, so you can keep your hands free if you need to stumble into the woods to go to the bathroom at night. A lantern provides light for your tent so you can see to eat or play cards if you're forced to stay inside because of rain. You may even want to take some string lights to hang around your tent to make your campsite fun and festive for the kids. If you're at a campground, you may have access to electricity, but if you're in the wild, you can rely on solar powered lights as long as your tent is not in the shade all day.

Camping Tools

It's always a good idea to carry some basic camping tools. However, be sure you understand what you're allowed to do at your campsite. For instance, you'll probably have to buy or bring your own firewood if you stay at a campground. You won't be allowed to cut down branches and twigs for your campfire. If you're camping out in the wilderness, then you'll need a saw. You can buy a lightweight saw that folds for easy carrying. You may need it to clear a spot for your tent or to cut firewood. A folding shovel is handy too. You can use it to bury your fire pit when you leave.

A multi-tool is very convenient. It folds small enough to carry in your pocket, and it has a variety of tools such as a small knife, scissors, screwdriver, and corkscrew. This will come in handy if you need to open food pouches or work on your camping equipment. Rope is another important item for your camping tool kit. You can use it to make a shelter with a tarp or use it to make a clothesline. You can even use it to hang your food from a branch so it is out of reach of raccoons and possums at night.

First-Aid Kit

Always carry a first-aid kit when you go camping. It can be as small as a pack of bandages and some first-aid cream, but you'll want a way to treat cuts and scrapes to keep them from getting infected, especially if you have kids. If you'll be in the wild and away from quick help, you may want to carry more life-saving supplies in case someone is hurt and you can't get help for a day or more. Tailoring your camping supplies to your situation is the best way to be prepared without having to carry heavy supplies you'll never need.

The first few times you go camping, you'll probably take more supplies than you'll use, but it gives you peace of mind to be prepared. When you camp with kids, you never know if they'll be bored and need books or other activities for entertainment, especially if it rains. If you're staying in a campground and you're close to your car, you'll have plenty of room to take a lot of supplies with you. If you're going to hike into your campsite, you'll quickly learn to be more choosy so you don't have to carry excess weight. No matter where you camp, remember to take the essentials such as supplies for water, food, shelter, light, and first aid.